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Our Simple Process


Start an online application.

Say goodbye to waiting for the bank to have appointment availability. You can start an online application right now and be matched with your top loan options.

An online application takes only 15 minutes and will help us give you a quick answer on how much you qualify for. This is the best way to kickstart your mortgage plan.



Review your loan options.

You deserve options and transparency. Most lenders will only show you one option and will hide fees so you'll work with them. We believe that's wrong.

We'll send over a few loan options for you to review so you can see rates, payments, and fees up-front. We'll also send you a personalized video that gives a walkthrough and and specific advice on your loan options. You get the freedom of choice with the advantage of advice.


Shop for homes with confidence.

At this point, you'll be pre-approved and you'll have a solid idea of exactly how much you're comfortable buying a home for. You'll shop for homes with your real estate agent until you find the right one! (If you need an agent, we can help connect you with one).

Once you find the house you love, your agent will help you write an offer based on the terms you want.

Sidenote: you'll skip this step if refinancing.

buying a home in hawaii


Sign and close on your new home.

All we have to do now is finalize the loan process! We'll reach out and ask for any documents that we still need. You'll be able to inspect the home for its condition and we'll order an appraisal so we can back up the value.

After that's all done, we'll gather around a closing table and celebrate your new home purchase!

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What you can expect:

world-class customer service


Friendly guidance throughout the process.



Be in the know with up-to-date information.



No hidden surprises.

No B.S.


Read reviews from clients.

Find out why people love working with Argylle.

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The remote control for your mortgage. 

Buying or refinancing a home takes time, patience, and, traditionally, a lot of paperwork. We’ve dismantled the old mortgage infrastructure and replaced it with innovative technology and far fewer hurdles.


Ready for the next step?

We'll guide you every step of the way.

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